“Flatlands” included on City Pages Best of 2016 List Best Local Comp

From the Current Local Music Blog

If you had to sum up Tall, Tall Mountain, then you might like to know their hobbies include “mushroom foraging” and “fantasy sports,” and they sound like what you might get if the Raconteurs and local garage band What Tyrants decided to collaborate. The band are releasing their debut EP at the Turf Club on Thursday, and out of the six-song EP, “PWC” would be the track to listen for. Not only does it seem like a good mellow jangly jam to listen to on a weeknight, but it builds nicely to a spaced-out finish.

From Ecstattic Studios

Tall Tall Mountain are masters of 90s powerpop in all its various forms: chunky, wistful fuzz anthems; pavement-style slopdirges; radio-ready guitar ballads and anything else that fits the bill. “Flatlands” is bottled charm, showcasing the band’s effortless way with earworm guitar melodies and deceptively catchy singalong choruses. Their debut EP is out now.

From Brooke Knoll Radio K

Dressed in flannel and wearing beanies, they emulated the Minnesotan aesthetic while playing some feelgood indie tunes. “Too Late” brought in some guitar licks reminiscent of the 50’s while “Flatlands” encouraged the crowd to start rocking out. While Tall Tall Mountain only has two EPs to their name, they left the stage with the crowd chanting “one more song!”